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Hey Guys!

One of our Mustang Experts Zach joined us in the shop to test out some new mods on his beautiful 2013 GT California Special. He was looking for some power and throttle response and wanted to take full advantage of running premium fuel. Zach and Justin went ahead and installed the C&L Street Cold Air Intake w/ 95mm MAF & X4 Tuner and the results were great. Not only did it pick up some serious horsepower on the dyno, but they went for a road test to break down the difference felt out on the street!

The results?

Zach was thrilled to see his C/S go from:

- Stock 93 Octane Dyno Results: 369 RWHP and 372 RWTQ

- C&L Intake and Bama V2 Tune Dyno Results: 401 RWHP and 398 RWTQ

That made for a peak gain of +32 horsepower and +26 torque. The gains throughout the curve were as high as 28 ft. lbs. of torque! Those are crazy gains from just an intake and tune, keep in mind that he is still running the stock catalytic converters. Even more important than the power; according to Zach, "the driveability is even better than stock"! I had a chance to talk to him myself and he is still raving about how well it drives!

Make sure to check out more about this build: AM Expert Zach's 2013 Mustang GT Build!

If anyone has any questions, feel free to reach out!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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