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Am I getting a line from my dealer?

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Ordered my 06 GT last Friday and sent an email a few days later trying to get the order number and dealer code so I could track it. Today I finally get a call back that he can give me the order number but not the dealer code. How are all you guys tracking your 05 and 06's getting the dealer code? Is it writen down somewhere else or did you find it online or have "friends" that got it for you??
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Fleg said:
You do realize that link does nothing to help me. At 250+ pages I'll never find the info I need.

The first thing it says I need is;
1. Your dealer code (the dealer number)

How do I get it?
The first few threads tell you that the dealer # is the number assigned by ford to the dealer. An ID #. They also go on to tell who you can ask or where to look.

Considering it is one of the very first stickies, it shouldn't be hard to find.
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