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Am I ready For nos ??

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I have a basicly stock car (look at sig) I have just installed a 255 fuel pump and about to purchase a fuel pressure regulator. All I was to spray is a 75 shot "promise." thinking of getting the zex dry kit unless there is a safer kit to buy out there. will this work on a stock engine. ????
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I have heard that bone stock you can run up to a 125 shot, I plan on buying the zex dry it is supposed to be really safe, and I am going to run either 75 or 100 shot will decide when I get it.
I have to say that I would be a bit leary or running nos on a car with 19 lb injectors although i see it quite often..the big pump and regulator dont do much for you with 19lb injectors...there is an article in a past issue of muscle mustangs and fast fords where they use the zex 125 dry shot into a stock everyday driver with 100k+ miles and it did ok....
i have heard nothin but bad things about zex. i know of 3 cars off the top of my head that it either burnt the valves up or cracked them. this was all on a 55 shot or below. id say spend the extra couple bucks and buy an NX kit. best soleniods on the market right now.
That is one of the reasons I went to a dry shot...I also upgraded my valves when I did the heads because I knew I would be running some nos later. If I had it to do over, I would buy a Cold Fusion kit. I also only spray in 3 and 4th to save wear and tear on the car.
Damm I had my heart set on the zex but now I am thinking of the nx kit ??? I am going to look it up. Will 19lb injectors still be alright with the nx kit??
sorry i meant I went to a wet shot not a dry shot.
Go for the Zex, there priced right and safe,you here just as many storeys of guys blowing up there cars using every type of Nitrous system on the market.

It's a Combination of bad gas,not enough octane,timing set to high,plugs were not cold enough, over revved it which cut out the fuel pump creating a lean condition.If you use the Zex system turn your timing down upgrade your fuel pump just to be safe and put in some 100 octane gas with colder plugs gapped at 40 thou and you'll be fine,if your car is a 93 don't use Nitrous at all,the pistons are not forged in 93.
Goodluck.....Oh ya it takes like 2 hours to put the Zex system in and like 4-6 for all the others.Plug and play.I talked to Zex before i bought mine and they said the 125 shot is safer then you think if done right and that the Mustang 5.0's will actually take 150 and 175 shot,but they don't tell people that because most people would use it on pump gas and boom...
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i had a zex dry kit on my 89 when it was mostly stock and the only shot i got a good difference with was the 125 shot. I went two step lower colder plug and ran my base timing at 8 degrees and i never had a problem with the kit. Id say you wont have a problem. My car had over a hundred thousand as well. I liked the zex kit cause there are no exposed solinoids to worry about and the installation was a breeze. If you go that route, get the zex purge kit as well.
92lxcan said:
if your car is a 93 don't use Nitrous at all,the pistons are not forged in 93.
Does that mean that 87-92 stock pistons are forged? how about the rods?
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