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Am I the only one that sees the Similarities between these Cars?

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Seriously, I though Ford and Mazda workewd together? Not that I think either one of these cars is ugly boring or that its bad that the resemble eachother. Just wondering if I am the only one?


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Not even sister cars and they look like clones.
That is a Mazda and a Pontiac (GM).
Actually, I'd rather have the Mazda myself... but thats funny, they do look similar
Well, in reality, Mazda is part of the Ford Motor Company.

BUT, those two cars, even though they look alike, aren't related in any way...One's an australian-built GM car, the other is built in OH for Ford.

I'd rather the Goat...old fashoned V8 Power...muuuuch faster than the mazda!
Mazda and Auto Alliance, (located in the same general area), is where the S.V.T's. (GT 500 Mustang), will be built.
I know they are unrelated... thats the point. Yes the Plant where th eMAzda 6 is built will be where the GT-500 is built... its where the 05+ Mustangs are built.

Many differences between the cars. V8 RWD 400HP 2Soor Coupe Vs. V6 FWD 225HP Sedan. I am just pointing out the similar body lines and how odd that is that a car built by GM-Holden(Which has actually been around fr some time, just not with the name GTO on it) is so similar to a MAzda which works with Ford (Japan and US)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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