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AM-parts install probs!

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i bought this stuff from and i dont know how to install them so i took some shop for professionally done 6 of them couldnt do it and finally one of them told me he can and he asked me $650 for installation


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Crazy: I definitely feel like I got screwed by that site too, on a different purchase...the Steeda Billet Pedals, which were advertised as follows:

They attach easily over the factory pedals and come with mounting hardware and instructions.

No mention of a power drill and bit, or of the ELEVEN holes you have to drill in your factory pedals, all measured perfectly with a template that you yourself have to develop. No, they attach "easily."

I asked for and got a refund, although they didn't sound happy about it. Also suggested to them strongly that they add some language to the description about power tools. No action taken there.

I haven't done business with 'em since. I'd send your gauges back too.
I was a rookie...that site was one of the first I found. Am getting wiser re price shopping as the weeks go by...
Just a question out of curiosity, why didnt you guys buy the pedals and guages directly from the manufactures themselves, Steeda and CDC?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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