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AM shift kit..

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Hey, about a few weeks ago i bought this shift kit from American Muscle assuming it was just replacing some springs and the valve body gaskets. When i got it i found that i have to drill into the valve body to open it up.. Now i dont know about anyone else but im not comfortable drilling those holes larger in the valve body. Most reviews say that they took it to something but i am decent with transmissions so i am not a afraid of tearing it down.. Just afraid of ruining the valve body.. Has anyone else installed this or do most people have T5s instead? Thanks for the information.
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I wish you would have posted that you were going to buy that kit...a J-Mod would have been a better option...did you look into the J-Mod?

I have a 5sp so no I have no experience with this, but as long as you follow the instructions and are comfortable, as you say, with trannies it should not be a big deal.

J-Mod FTW though :)
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Never heard of J-Mod. I just wanted to have a little bit of an aggressive shift compared to the soft mushy feeling it has now. The thing i am iffy on is just drilling the valve body..
Google J-Mod 4r70....

Drilling the valve body shouldnt be a big deal as long as you pay attention to what you are doing and you do not lose the ball bearings when taking it very careful and take your time..."measure twice cut once"...
I should have read into the J-Mod thing.
Found a few links about the jmod though, for anyone else looking into it. Just drilling it out allows it shift faster so who knows if i will even put springs in. Although springs would be better to allow the actuators to build more pressure i believe is what this transmission guy was teaching me today.
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