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Okay, this is driving me crazy! I see tons of related posts on this topic but can't find an answer to my specific question.

I have a 2008 GT that didn't come with the ambient lighting and I'm doing the retrofit. I have everything (I think) but I don't seem to have the connector (in my car) that the 10 pin harness from the center console controller connects too.

However, under the front dash (where the footwell LEDs go) the harnesses for these 2 LEDs were there... just plugged the LEDs in and clipped them into the pre-molded location for them, no problem!

But here's the million dollar question... if the harness I just plugged these footwell LEDs into doesn't go back to the 10 pin connector to the controller, then what does it wire back too?

Seems like everything should be in place (with the connect just not being used (much like the one behind the blank plate for the info/setup buttons was when I upgraded to the 6 gauge cluster)) but no... the footwell LEDs are wired to something... just don't know what without unwrapping them and tracing the wiring.

Anyone know if this 10 pin connector is tucked up under the dash somewhere?! And if not, do I now have to cut these from whatever they're currently connected to to make my own harness?

Maybe there is a piece of harness I'm missing that just needs to be purchased?

Thanks much in advance.
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