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Ambient Lighting Kit Questions

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Long time lurker, first time poster here!

I recently just joined the Mustang family and purchased a lightly used 2013 black V6 base model. As you all know, it did not come with any bells and whistles but I very much love the ambient lighting in the premium models and would love any info anyone here knows about it such as features, differences, colors, etc on the kit.

I want to get it put in JUST as it would from the factory but all the dealerships I've talked to said that's impossible. Should I visit a body shop and have them do it?

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Im not sure a body shop would really know where to start. It would probably be easy to add the LED lights underneath the steering wheel area though, as far as physically placing them there goes.

I know you can get illuminated door sills , that shouldn't be much of a problem.

This is one of those things it needs to come from the factory with. But where there's a will(money) there's a way. Im sure someone can put aftermarket lights in. But I dont think your going to get it JUST as it comes from the factory though. On my car, you can change the "ambient light" to any color through the computer screen. Im not sure how a body shop would handle that.
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