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American Muscle rocks!-Gear install questions

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Just wanted to post how good AM is. Ordered a set of 3.55 gears, Royal Purple lube and the new Ford Racing pinion bearing/Motive gear install kit from them yesterday morning. Got shipping confirmation yesterday at 1:30pm, the parts were at my house at 2:00pm today!!! Unbelievble, great prices, overnight free shipping and the AFM discount! Can't say enough about American Muscle.

Now the tech part of the post

First does anyone know of a shop local to Westchester NY/ Fairfield CT that does gear installs and will get it right for reasonable cost. Went to my dealer and was quoted 8 hrs at the 'discount rate' of $95/hr. Ouch! Went to the shop where I have my dyno runs done and they said 5 hrs at $95 per, not bad but I wasn't too sure they knew how to do the job right. If anyone has info please post.

Secondly I am going from 3.31 to 3.55 and need to know what the procedure is for calibrating the speedo. Can you use the SCT X3 to set or does ithave to be done by Ford? My car is tuned and I don't want the dealer playing with the ECU, my luck I'll have a no start condition.

Any help you guys can give is appreciated.
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I had a tranny shop do mine. They charged me $225 total. Your tuner will correct the odometer.
yes AM rocks!!!! as said you can use the tuner to adjust for the 3.55's. make sure to post up how you like the 3.55's and if there is a noticable difference going from the 3.31's
Reason I'm going to 3.55s is for road racing. Need a little more rpm off the corners in 3rd and 4th gear at Lime Rock and Watkins Glen. Didn't want to go 3.55 as this would require upshifting to 5th close to the brake zones at both tracks. Offsetting the extra gearing with an rev limit increase from 7300-7500.
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