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Well Lori's car was back firering through the carb and we had some electrical issues so we decided to do a complete tear down and send the motor to the shop.
Some of the things being done while the motor is gone .
Re welding all the front end stitch welding it looks bad.
Could use some pics of anempty engine compartment that is stock cause some one hacked a big hole in the side of her fender in anatempt to weld a stainless battery box in.......clueless i tell ya.
Also since i am a designer and work at a fab shop i'm making my own trick doul exhaust trns crossmember cause i dont like the stock one
Also we will bemaking my own bolt in version of total control type four link.
Some strut tower bars and if we dont do the four link i will design some cal trac type bars.
I'll post pictures of our night mare sometime this week.
Oh forgot to mension the back fire was do to a bent push rod, she got wound a little tight i think.:winks

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Ok it has been a bit since any updating has been done to this thread. So here are the pics.
Re doing the intake gaskets. And yes Lori and Marge did get dirty. Mike C. Was attempting to straighten out a wiring mess, but since someone had jacked up the wiring he did what he could lol.
We were all surprised when we opened the top end up. It had a very well built valve train. With some very good parts.
Harlan Sharp roller rockers and some other goodies.

Lori putting it back together, She really wanted to do as much of it her self as possible so I was banished to pic duty.

Jon can't leave things alone long he does not like watching lol

New plug wire holders, They were just laying in there any old way

Jon the owner of the shop we are in. Thank you Jon!

Mike C giving us the big WTF look as he makes the wiring a lot prettier than it was Thanks Mike!

So when that was all done we still had a few issues................
We did not pull the distributor and latter found it to be a tooth off. and when putting plug wires on( following the way they were on already) we found a couple plug wires crossed. And last but not least it started back firing through the carb we narrowed that down to a loose rocker. So with all of that fixed Ella ran great way more power and a lot faster than we thought ( some have had rides or driven it to verify), but that was short lived it started back firing again. So i pulled the valve cover and found a bent push rod. So it was time to send the motor to the machine shop. Which starts the next set of picks............To be continued
So the motor is now slated for a full rebuild as my last post stated. The reasons are It needed it and we really had no idea what had been done to this motor. So time to jack her up and start tearing her apart.

Lori with her hair up, She means business when she does this.

With the wiring being cut into and Jerry Rigged all over we took plenty of pics of how it was wired.

Eric was in town and decided to help out to.

Motor out

At this point we are looking at the inner fender wells and the radiator support, On her car they are welded in MK1 style so it made pulling the motor a chore. It also did not help that this is the first Ford motor i had pulled and i pulled it GM style with the tranny attached............not a good idea ford top mounts are a mile longer than chevy trannies so trying to get it over the rad support sucked.

Don't ask i have no idea why he is hanging on the cherry picker.

So when it was all said and done and grease was cleaned away the inner fenders where a mess some one had hacked the **** out of them and done a crap job welding it together.

Now on to the machine shop
It looks as though some one put a little money into the bottom end as well
30 over good pistons good cam at least it was...........
Turns out our back fire was a flat cam lobe and that's why the push rod was bent.

A little info on our machinist His name is Steve Sullivan and has been building motors all his life. He has his own shop in his back yard where he builds mostly race motors. His specialty is the ford 302. The only way to get into his shop is through a person who knows him.
This is his little stable.
Old Indy car turned street rod

Shelby GT

and the race car

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Well this documents our trip to pick up a cheap parts car that turned out to be in better shape than the cobra II and when we found the buck tag we decided to keep, horses multiply i guess.

This is where it was when we went to get it. It had been pulled out of a barn and tarped.

The back yard exhaust got all hung up on the trailer.

All ready to go!

So lets see what it has on the OD.

Did i forget to mention it was a two owner car that had never been molested?
(bedsides the crappy 80's sun roof that was cut in and missing now) With a documented 21,000 miles!

Let the tear down begin(this was going to be a parts car).
My wife digging in, it is hers after all.

I may be sleeping here.

and after it was all tore down i was sipping on beer, looked up and found THIS! Couldn't believe it was there. The elusive Buck Tag! It is like snipe hunting trying to find one of these on a Mustang II. And it reads 69R So we will be keeping this car now and fixing it. Since it is a Mach I and they are becoming more scarce then Cobra II now-A-Days.

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So it has been awhile, I travel alot for work and am rarely home. Getting ready to be gone for another 6 weeks starting next week.
Well I have a ton of pics ( just have to get them off the camera)of what the Cobra II looked like when we started cutting it up for parts and it was NOT good. I felt bad that I had let lori do a few 100+ mph rips down the road in it. The drivers sub frame was not even welded to the firewall if that gives you an idea. and the places that the previous person patched had lots of rust left under it.
Here i am drilling spot weldsto get the cowl off in one piece.

I will add therest when i down load them
Last night i decided to start cleaning up some of the parts I have a KBS Coatings kit both the Frame Coater & The All in One Chassis Kit.
Restoration Kits - Gas Tank Sealer - Stop Rust - DIY Kits - Gas Tank Liner
The product
Stir Sticks
Aqua Clean
Rust Blaster
Rust Seal
Black Top Top Coat

First I cleaned all of the parts with a whire wheel or brush

Then used Aqua clean on them to degrease etc.

Then used rust blast This step leaves a zinc coating to fight rust

Now after rinceing and drying I can coat them tonight.

Another cool thing I noticed was the V8 stamp on the part.

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Ok so here are the first coating and final second coating pics, It says Black Satin but I am not convinced. I do have the top coat to do and that says OEM satin Black maybe it will have less of a sheen.
I have used the grey before and scuffed and painted body color over it and it levels nice.
It is a very thin product so it does show any flaws in the part but as far as rust goes it is great and it is not UV sensative like POR.


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So as promised pics of the horrible fate of the Cobra II.
Minus the roof, cowl, and everything else.

Inside firewall to A pillar area, horrible patch job big gap filled with metal.

Same area outside of the car

Same area drivers side

Subframe to fire wall, look close you can see the gap not welded, and it got worse as it curved twards the floor.

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So Lori's Motor is all but done!

We just picked this up going to throw her motor in it as well as the doors and fenders form the grey car on it, just to pacify her for a bit. She is so jonesing to drive a II and is mad at the 04 GT right no we just dumped a crap ton of cash in to it.

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