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GT bars

Jim Smyth said:
Anyone put a rear GT Anti Sway Bar on there V6? Can you tell any difference? Any problems during assembly? Have to remove tires/shocks etc? Thanks in advance.
I switched the front one for a GT bar and installed the rear. It seems to hold the road better when taking a corner at high speeds. I take a sharp exit ramp to get to work and I accidently took it at close to 60 one day and was amazed that it held tight throughout the whole curve.

One thing to watch for is the rear bar came with the links already on it. (If your doesn't I have some you can have for cheap since I didn't know that!) Also, the GT front bar came with bushings already on it. I have extras of those too. The one problem I had was torquing the front sway bar to the links. You can't use a socket because you have to hold the link bolt with a wrench so it won't rotate. You will need to buy various fasteners too. If I didn't buy the extra parts I turned out not needing, it ran about $350. Didn't have to remove anything. You are supposed to put the car on a lift, but I did it on the ground with one side at a time jacked in the rear. The front required removing the wheels.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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