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Antifreeze Leak

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1997 V6 3.8L manual
Please bear with me as I do not know the correct parts names.
It would appear I'm leaking antifreeze from my crankshaft and/or where the transmission joins the engine. The area is right behind the oil filter, going towards the firewall. The lower radiator hose, driver's side. has a drip in it's center that appears to be coming from the end that connects to the engine. The car does not run hot all the time, it's rather sporadic, although it has never reach the red line. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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get your hands on a cooling system pressure tester. it will help you pinpoint where your leak is coming from. im kind of confused as to where you say its coming from. is it the front of the engine? there is a little hole on the water pump where coolant will leak out of when the pump is bad. it will often follow its way down the lower radiator hose or down the engine and look like its coming from somewhere else. check it out
+1 and +1 again.

check the weephole for any corrosion/leaking.
the weephole is usually right underneath the pulley, so a mirror might help you get a good look at it.

a cooling system pressure tester would be an excellent help. if you have one, fill up the radiator with water, it wont work if the system is empty.
also, you can judge how bad the leak is by how quickly the gauge on the tester drops. and remember, 16 psi max.
Okay, I cleaned everything off and it appears the leak is coming from somewhere near the lower hose, but I can't quite see where. The hose is clean near the clamp, but about 2 inches away, on the water pump, it's wet. I can't find the weep hole to save my life!
are you using a pressure tester?
just keep pressurizing the system until you can visibly see where it's leaking from. you'll find it.

i'll see if i can get a pic of the weephole for you.
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