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Any 2015 GT Premium Owners? Some questions...

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I've been able to break in my 2015 GT Premium (w/Anniversary Package) and have some questions for everyone...

1) Have you noticed that the Satellite stations sound worse than the HD radio stations? I mean, it doesn't sound bad, but doesn't sound nearly as good as HD radio. Is that to be expected, or is something wrong with my audio?

2) Seems everyone has the brake screeching issue... I am getting used to it, but my neighbors love it (grin)

3) What's the best "settings" to use the full horsepower/acceleration? Should the stick be in "S" mode, with "racing" mode selected? I find when I put the pedal to the floor when I am already going 60 it doesn't accelerate very quickly.

4) What can I do to increase the horespower that won't void warranty/lease? Do I just drop it off at Ford Racing at a dealer and have them install a tuner? Is that pretty much it?

5) Why is there no launch control on the automatic version?

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Thanks lpd39. Its true the HD Radio is amazing... Have never heard such good quality before... Unfortunately the Sirius is worthless in comparison. Already downgraded to minimum package.
Thanks KN!

It's really a shame that I, and everyone around me, must grimace at a shrieking brakes on a $43K brand new car. Worst part is, they see the car and are impressed, until around the point where they need to cover up their ears.

Regarding the tune - I really need to add some HP to this car, at first I was blown away by how fast I can go from 0 to 45, but now it seems kind of dull (did I just get used to it??). So sounds like I don't have many options, eh?
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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