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Any help with radio and instrument lights?

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Ok so I’m thinking I need to just stop touching this car cuz once I fix one thing it breaks another thing! lol On this week’s journey I decided to finally fix my radio! I figured it didn’t work cuz the speakers were bad/old so I replaced them still not working so I pulled the radio and discovered that there are only RCA (amp hookuped) So I followed it and found a amp under where the back seat is supposed to be! And the amp no longer is in working condition. So I hooked up the radio straight to the speakers like it normally is installed all I changed around was the speaker wires that’s IT!!! Now I found out this early morning on my way to work that none of my dash lights work! They did before so what could I have messed up behind the radio that would cause the dash lights to no longer operate? The gauges still work and all the warning lights (check engine, EBreak, etc) work just the backlight lights on instrument are now out.
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not dumb at all but already tried that lol I too thought my lights on my old caprice copcar were all out until i found a button that kills all interior lights im assuming it was for police stakeouts or something lol.

I have found out via the interwebs that the radio power wire and the main light swithch as well as the instrument panel dimmer control and LCD illumination relay all share the same damn power wire so maybe when i was messing around with the radio wire i messed up something along that complicated power line... all I know fun awaits me chasing down wires under a dash now! FML
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