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Any info on a long rod 351???

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Does anyone have any info on a long rod 351? IIRC, a while ago Hotrod magazine ran an article, where they got 400+ from a long rod combo, using 87 octane and I think TFS-R heads(dont quote me on any of that).

I've been searching all day, and the best I've been able to come up with is from Speed-o-motive(they sell a long rod kit/short block), and over at Corral, a couple of people talk about wanting to do it.

I'm still waiting for a reply from Speed-o-motive, but I was wondering if someone else has any experience with the combo.

The only thing I know about them, is they use 351m/400 rods(6.580), and the stock 3.5 crank.

If anyone has a good source of info on these, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Nobody knows anything about them?

I've got that article scanned, but my computer at home is down.

Be a couple weeks before I get my new one up and running
and the data transferred.

I had also seen an article on a similar buildup for a sbc,
using AFR heads. (In fact, that article is on the AFR website)

I emailed AFR asking a few things about it.

They wrote back saying they knew several people who had
tried that combo and were disappointed in it.

One thing I noted about the long rod 351 combo is that
the rods are so long that the piston pins get into the oil
ring groove. On 347's, that sometimes ends up with
excess oil consumption.

I think you can also go into the KB/Silvolite piston website
and find some info on that if I recall.

The heads WERE twist wedges and the pistons I think
were JE or something similar - those heads were used
because of their small, centrally located, figure 8 comb
chamber, and the pistons had a mirror image dish.

That was one of the big points of the build - to get
higher compression without detonation and still be
able to use 87 octane.

If you want the article, send me your email in a couple
weeks and I'll see if I can get the data out of that
bad hard drive and send it to you.

The title of the article was "The 351 Ford Should Have Built (or Made)"

Do a Google search, you might get lucky although it's
been awhile.

Well tried that, no luck.

I've since noticed that the Ford Yates heads have the same
shape combustion chamber.
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