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Any Mustang Owners Use Optimum No-Rinse?

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Hey guys,

Just wondering if any Mustang owners here use Optimum No Rinse to wash their cars. I'll be moving to a place where washing the car regularly may be a little difficult and I remembered a friend of mine who distributes auto products swears by this stuff. It's hard for me to imagine being safe from grit and clearcoat scratches and swirls though, but if $100K+ car owners swear by it as well...

Does anyone here have any experience with it? I'm really interested. Thanks.

(Link for those who don't know what it is: Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine: clay lubricant, optimum rinseless wash, no rinse car wash, optimum detailing products)
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I wash my car in the winter with it in my garage. It is kinda weird because it doesn't make any suds like a normal soap. But it gets the car clean and doesn't take too much time to do the whole car. I use the dual bucket method with grit guards which help keep any scratching to a minimum. Also never in a circular motion if I can help it.
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I've been using DriWash for years. My 1991 LeBaron convertible had original paint that looked showroom new when I sold it last December. I had used DriWash on that car since 1996.

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I was very skeptical about ONR when I first heard about it. Being in Europe, where I can't wash my car in the driveway like I'm used to, I decided to try it. I absolutely love this stuff! It does a great job and really works well IMO. :bigthumbsup
I have been using OPTIMUM NO RINSE WASH & SHINE since April. I was very skeptical at first since I have a black car. This product is unbelievable. I could not be more pleased with the results it delivers. I can understand why people would not believe it will work as I didn't believe it either until I tried it. I love the fact that I can wash my car in the garage. It doesn't matter if it is hot and sunny, raining or freezing outside. My garage is attached to the house so it never gets too cold or too hot to wash a car. The key is to use a large microfiber wash mitt using plenty of water and a large microfiber drying towel to dry the car. Two gallons of water and two capfulls of this priduct is plenty to wash my 2011 Black GT. I will be reordering very soon.
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If you rinse it off first I would use the honda motorcycle polish It is damn good but I would much rather use zaino then anything else made.
ONR is amazing stuff!
I've used it for 2 years. If you live in an area that uses salt on the road, I would suggest going to a DIY car wash with a pocket full of quarters. Get the heavy stuff off first, then drive it home for the wash. Also remember to rinse the wash mitt in clean water each time and dry each section as you go.
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Does it take wax off?
Does it take wax off?
No, my car still looks good and beads water like it was just waxed.
I started using ONR when the drought hit us hard two years ago. Like has been said, I would go to a car wash to blow off the heavy stuff, then finish in the privacy of my garage. Using a two bucket method with grit guard is key. I also use the Lowes grout sponges as recommended by some top detailers on autopia/autogeek a few years ago. I also bought a two gallon pump up sprayer to "pre-soak" for when I couldn't go to the car wash.
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I actually came across a BMW forum by accident a while back and they all highly recommend that wash....claiming that's how bmws get that gleamish shine. I've never used it but looks like a great product.

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