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Any problems with 2005 Mustang windows in the winter?

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Hi there,

I will be driving my 2005 GT :) this winter :sosad: and wanted to know if anyone had problems with getting into the car because the windows were frozen shut (windows automatically open just a crack when you open the door as there is no door frame)?? Has anyone found a solution? Car starter good enough? I have covered parking at home but at work I'm like a 10 minute walk from the parking lot.

I'd really appriciate any feedback.
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food for thought as i'll be doing the same..

i'll check with the dealer tomorrow and see if there's some sort of limit switch that kicks out if there's resistance on the drop..

don't think a starter would help much, unless you could idle for say 15-20 minutes..
we had a few good frozen rain sessions out this way last year and it didn't help my civic out much defrosting side windows by having a remote starter
Here in Quebec since the start of the winter and some frozen rain I didn't got any problem opening my doors. On thoses days I use the remote starter for at lease 10 minutes before trying to open the doors. But I'm still worried that one morning they won't open.
My solution here in Toronto was to park the car!! I had the same problem and when spring arrived my driver side window, on express up, would hit the top and bounce back. The dealer did an adjustment to it and it seems to be fine now, just a touch more wind noise than before though. I think the Ford designers lived in San Diego and never thought much about ice buildup. Maybe they figured only idiot Canadians would drive them in the winter!! Not sure if the frozen windows caused the bouncing problem but I have to believe the alignment got knocked out trying to open and close the doors with the windows stuck.
I'm interested in this topic as well... has anybody had a problem with this feature?
What a pain.

I too have experienced this window problem in my 05 V6 Stang. Mainly with the drivers side window. Sometimes when I shut the door the window is still fully up and hits the molding. It leaves a 1" gap and I have been concerned that it may break the glass one day. This has occurred even at slightly below zero. I have had to manually lower my window a little before I close the door to correct the problem. When the car interior is very warm it doesn;t seem to happen. I agree with one of the posts above. It is a feature that was not meant for winter.


I usually have the same problem where you can't open the door because the window won't drop off, so it won't get pass the plastic perimeter because of the ice.
So the only way to fix that was to insert a card (similar to a credit card) between the window and the rubber and break the ice.

But today, I couldn't unlock the car using the alarm remote, so I thought due a frozen lock, so I tried to lock it again just to see if the alarm sensor was working: The sensor was frozen!!

I tried to insert the key to disable the alarm and unlock the door, but I couldn't turn the key, the lock was frozen OR because the window has ice in it, it won't drop, so making the key un-turnable.

So I ended up leaving my car at home and going to work with a friend!!

I thought of these possible solutions:
- An antifreeze spray or something like that
- Try to not close the window firmly, so in case I open the door it doesn't do the short drop glass feature.
- Cover the whole car with a car cover.

What do you think guys?

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