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Any problems with metal thermostat housing?

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Well, got home this evening and noticed I was steaming from the hood (hit the panic button HARD LOL) and after looking I am assuming it's the thermostat housing cracked where its pressed together (or glued jk lol) have about 87,000 lost a little over an inch of coolant, a little puddle built up at the bottom of the intake (not in the intake) my temperature was normal, anyway when I parked I could hear it hissing for a couple minutes coming from around the front of the intake and seen a wet spot on the thermostat. Didn't get to take it apart yet as it was getting dark so I'm waiting til morning to tear it apart to make sure, but,

My question is how is the metal thermostat from ebay? Did anyone have any problems with it? And is the price worth it?

Also I will be using AMUSTANGROCKS guide for changing the thermostat housing along with my chiltons manual

Been a minute since I posted lol but thanks everyone.

EDIT, If I start my car and it doesn't leak cold (make the hissing sound I heard at regular temp.) and after it warms up fully(then hear the hissing leak) it should be the thermostat housing correct? Haven't tried it yet but that's what Im assuming. Thanks
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You may have a little problem if your Mustang is an '05 V6 with the throttle body heater. (You can tell if you have the heated TB by looking under the TB, do you see 2 hoses running to a block under it? If so you have the heated TB) If you do, then contact the seller before you buy. There was a problem with the clearance between the upper radiator hose/t-stat housing and the heater block. (I have this problem). The quick fix, and the one I am using, is to use the aluminum box and the original plastic t-stat housing. Works great, and no clearance issues. I seem to remember the seller has since fixed the problem, but I'd check and make sure. I've been running mine for the last 2 years, and it works great! No problems at all.
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