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Anybody done the timing cover gasket?

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I do have a leak in mine, just a seep on the right back. Nothing in the oil. Looks like a good 3 hour job, maybe less since it seems some of the accessory brackets don't have to be removed. Plus it says to remove the fan but that can probably stay.

My only real concern is the cam positioning sensor. Very specific about resetting and a special tool is needed. Just wondering if this not as a big of deal as the ford manual makes. I know it's a big deal but regarding R&R, if I don't turn over the engine, mark the location, can I just replace it back where it was. If not would someplace like Autozone have this tool for rent. It likes just a mechnical tool. Manual calls it a Synchronizer Positioning Tool.

From the manual
9. CAUTION: Synchronizer Positioning Tool T96T-12200-A must be obtained prior to installation of the camshaft position sensor. Failure to follow this procedure will result in improper camshaft position sensor alignment.

Note: Make sure No. 1 cylinder is at Top Dead Center (TDC).

Remove the camshaft position sensor from the camshaft. Attach Synchronizer Positioning Tool 303-562 (T96T-12200-A) on synchronizer assembly and turn it clockwise until tool boss engages the notch in the camshaft synchronizer assembly. The tool should be square and in contact with entire top surface of the camshaft synchronizer.

10. Install the camshaft synchronizer so that drive gear engagement occurs when the arrow on locator tool is pointed as shown. This will locate the camshaft position sensor (CMP) electrical connector in the pre-removal position. Rotate the Synchronizer Positioning Tool 303-562 (T96T-12200-A) slightly clockwise to engage the oil pump intermediate shaft. Push downward, adjusting the Synchronizer Positioning Tool 303-562 (T96T-12200-A) until the synchronizer gear engages the camshaft gear. Install the hold-down clamp. Tighten the bolt to 25 N-m (18 lb-f

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interesting we used a socket and socket wrench for our "specialty tool" shouldnt matter if you dont rotate the cam, only time you should need to do that is when your indexing your cam.
so, are you saying a guy could just remove the positioning sensor, and put the new one on, tighten the two bolts and close the hood?

well, close the hood after the rest of the stuff is put back into place i mean
You have to make sure don't turn the oil pump shaft and you must mark the housing where it goes through the timimg cover to make sure it goes back in the same way it came out. If you do this with out rotating the motor you should be alright.
Just did what you are asking about

The best part about this is that some Mustangs were recalled for the gasket leaking. If your car has never had the work done to replace it, you may be able to get the dealer to do it for free. I perfer to do my own maintenance so I didn't take my 97 mustang in.
I am in the process of replacing the timing cover gasket. The reason the manual calls for removing the fan is because the Power Steering pump pulley must be removed with a puller. I got mine at Advance Store for about $35.00. With the Fan in place there is not sufficent clearance for the puller. Also I am ording the Tool to replace the Cam Position Sensor housing I found one for $27.30. The gasket kit cost about $35.00 as well. That should do it for the special stuff. I had to remove the Alternator, Power Steering pump, both radiator hoses, the Coil Pack the Fan and plastic cover on the front top just under the front of the hood. I will probably finish the job tomorrow. I had some trouble with water pump bolts and I had to drop the oil pan to get the timing cover off. Total job will take about 10 hours. By the way, I you can get the cover off and back on with out turning the crankshaft you are a better mechanic than me. I suggest getting the tool or marking the housing where it meets the block and the rotator under the Cam Position Sensor. I did neither and so I will have to buy the Tool.
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