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Anybody have this rear window louver?

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I'm thinking about picking the Astra Hammond one up. I've seen the CDC rear louver and decided that it's a bit too much. The AH one is more subtle. I have a black 05. Does anybody have any pics with this on? I'm especially interested in how it looks on a black 05-06. Any opinions from those who have it also would be nice. They make both aluminum and plastic. I would probably go plastic to keep the cost down. Thanks.


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I've been thinking seriously of getting one too, I think it would go great with my 2005 Redfire Mustang!
I haven't seen many of the rear louvers yet. I think they have potential to really add to the retro look of the new stangs. the CDC one is too big though. it sticks up too high from the window. that leaves only the AH one. i just want to see more pics before i pull the trigger. i emailed them and they said it's an easy attachment with 3M tape and screws (not into the car). and it comes off easy.
Thanks, I agree. I had one on my 88 Mustang and it really looked great. I am concerned about using a plastic louver, thinking it would look cheap (of course the rear spoiler, and bumper covers are plastic too). I also want to put the side louvers on too as long as they don't increase my blind spot.
who is selling the ah louver?
thanks for posting that. that's the Classic Design Concepts louver that i'm not a fan of. it sticks up too high over the window and the louvers are too far apart for me. i don't think it looks right with the curves of the 05. the Astra Hammond one has more curve in the louvers and they aren't as far apart. i think i'm going to pick one up to try it as nobody has posted a pic yet. i guess i'll be the first!
I'm thinking about getting these I believe that they are aluminum.
Sweet look IMHO! That is what I have going on mine. To be painted this week, and installed next week. Rear is aluminium, quarter windows are plastic. Will post pics win I can.
918chef said:
I'm thinking about getting these I believe that they are aluminum.
Crab.....How are the rear louvers installed? I believe that they are hinged so that you can clean the window.
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