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Anyone else getting ready to pull their ****box out of the garage for the winter?

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There is no denying it, within a week or two, I will have to park my Mustang and start driving the awesome fury of my 98 Saturn SL1. This is no ordinary family sedan, it has 120 screaming horses under the hood, a 20W FM radio, and four badass 13" skins.

It's going to be a long winter.:handball:
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I am still debating. I have the 98 Tacoma where I can get to it if needed (and I made sure it still cranks). But as long as its not horribly bad weather, I'm stylin in the Stang. Its funny, that's right the opposite of the plan when I bought the Mustang GT. I was planning to baby it - only drive it on warm sunny days with the top down. The Taco was the daily driver. Haha, the Stang is so fun to drive, I can't resist it. I'll roll the windows up and turn the heater on and STILL drive it with the top down...
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