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anyone ever did this little trick befor?

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well heres the deal, my car door was frozen and i had read in the past that some of you have broken your door handles tring to open it. so being the genious i am, i poored some piping hot water on the door to melt all the ice, but like the idiot i am, i went and put the bucket back and the hot water now has become ice on my door

so i ended up breaking my door handle, heres my question

i got 2 new door handles from ebay, all metal, real nice for like 18 bux, and i can steal some rivets from work, thats no problem either, but could is be something else that i broke!? i just got the handles in today and im going to fix them this weekend, is there anything else inside that i could have broken? like any cables or god knows what, i never ventured behind my door panels befor, am i in for a bigger surprise when i try to put these door handles in!?
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I would get the plastic things that join the rod that connects to the handle and rod that goes to the handle. It might be worn out from years of work and weather.

No more water, you can easily ruin you power window motor, speak, and lock motor.
so there is a rod or something in there connecting to the handle!?

what are the odds of me breaking that too???

im plannin on jus poppin out the old handles and poppin in the new ones and slappin some rivets in... do you think i bit into a lemon with this one or is everything connected to the handle easily replaced from inside the door panel
Probably only the weakest link - the handle, broke. When you get in there and see the mechanism, you'll know what's up. It consists of a bunch of metal rods, which have plastic pieces as couplers.
alright, thats what i was hoping, im a computer technician and pretty mechanically inclined and do about 90% of my own automotive work, but it just worries me that im going to turn a $20 fix into a $200 fix! :smoke:
The hardest part will probably be removing the interior panel. That's kind of a pain...
next time use a cheap bottle of alchohol on the door and save some money.......
uggh. my '89 mustang has had this exact same problem several times -- the old plastic door handles were absolute pieces of shite, and the all metal replacements I bought off of ebay, though nice looking, had springs that quickly broke.

either way, it's a quick fix, though look for it to probably be broken again sometime in the future.
i got these handles from ebay yes, but thay are a ford part, stamped logo and some numbers i dont kno what they mean, came in a nice little Ford Family of Fine Cars box, kinda a cheezy slogan but yea, and u say alcohol will do the same thing??, i kinda wish i thought of that, well im going to get my drill now, lets see what i break next :happyhapp
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