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Anyone ever use the California Dry Blade?

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So I remember a commercial from a few years about about the California Dry Blade silicone car dryer... I always wondered how many people used it and if they liked it... right now, I use 2 large mircofibers to dry the car... I am totally curious - I know I'd have to use towels still to get by the trunk, spoiler, gas cap, lights, engine area, etc... but does this do the job for the large areas? Thanks in advance!
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I have seen those thing on commercials but never used one. I have always been afraid of it scratching my paint. I bet not to many people on this site would use something like that. That would be something like our parents would have used. I may be wrong though.
Actually, I have one (or at least something very similar, mine has a colored handle). My Wife bought it for me as a Father's day gift last year. It's OK. The blade is flexible silicone, and really doesn't harm the paint. I usually use it just to get the heavy water off before I use the microfiber towels, particularly off the top of the car where it can form waterspots before I can get to it. Getting the majority of the water off means less wringing out the towels and faster drying. Obviously, it doesn't get into the nooks and cranies.
It's nice, but not one of those must-have items.
I've been using one of these for over 2yrs without any problems at all.
Just make sure you only use it immediately after washing and not at any other time, EVER!

They're Brilliant, wouldn't be without it now!
i have one too it does work but yea only use right after washing but it works great to get the heavy spots off the hood and windows n such then takes a whole lot less time drying with the micros ....granite im no strict car show guy but it works for me
Someone gave me one for the Mustang. I'm too afraid to use it on the 05,but we do use it on our 11 year old truck. It moves the water really well. I'm just worried something will get caught in it and scratch that flat black paint on the car. One more scratch won't hurt the F150!
Those things are the best thing since sliced bread! I use mine on my BLACK mustang and it cuts my drying time by 90% I'd say. I've never scratched my car but you do have to be careful and I always wipe the blade off with a rag or something just to make SURE there is no dirt on there. I tell everyone to get one that doesn't have one!
I use a leaf blower to dry the car first gets the wheels real good then dry with a 100% cotton towel now takes only one towel when it use to take 3 no water spots just leaves a very small film of water or use a detail spray to make sure it's not total dry
Thank you all!!

I picked one up this past weekend... I had no idea, (duh), it's made by the same company that makes the California Car Duster.... I have to work on my husbands car a bit this weekend - so I'll try it out then! {and do a product review}
This is a great product and makes drying the car a lot easier wan way faster. It will not scratch your car:bigthumbsup
i have one and was always afraid of just having one lil spec of dirt laying on the paint just waiting to be scratched. and sure enuff one day it happened. got under the blade and made a nice 6 inch scratch. now i just use a leaf blower, just like using my own lil car wash at home. if u have a nice coat of wax on ur car the water beads up and shabang ur done! good luck.
Danger -- Don't do it!

Do a sheeting rinse and you can usually dry the whole car with a single quality waffle-weave drying towel.
OK - I did it...I bought it a few weeks ago and finally had a chance to use it. I was going to use it on our 03 cav first... sort of a sacrificial lamb if you will... but today was the mustang cleaning... so I read the directions, cleaned the blade... made sure the car was soaking wet... and used it on the roof and windows....

It removed all the water - fast... and I didn't have to wring out the mircofibers a few times like i usually do... but I stopped when I got to the sides... they didn't stay wet and it said not to do it unless totally wet...

Question: does this make a noise when you are drying... is there something I am doing wrong...? I makes a squeaking sort of noise...

Thanks again for all your help!!!
I love mine. I was afraid to use it, too but it works great. Of course, you still need a good (microfibre) towel to finish things off but this works great at getting 80-90% of the water off before you begin towelling.
I have to tell you - I've been using this for a while now - I wouldn't be without this product... I absolutely love it... Especially for the roof - where I can't reach the middle.... it frees up my tall neighbors for other favors...:hihi:
I threw mine in the trash after I started using the Mr. Clean Autodry to wash my car. With the filtered water mist for the final rinse I don't need to blade or wipe the car down to keep water spots from forming as it drys. The Autodry is the best $20 I ever spent at Walmart.
I threw mine in the trash after I started using the Mr. Clean Autodry to wash my car. With the filtered water mist for the final rinse I don't need to blade or wipe the car down to keep water spots from forming as it drys. The Autodry is the best $20 I ever spent at Walmart.
I have one of these units as well and that thing is really good. Love it leaves no water spots. Best 20 dollars that I spent.:D
I'll agree with you both. After wanting one for quite a while, I ended up winning a kit as a door prize at a car show. It definitely works well.:bigthumbsup
i have one too. never had any problems. works great!
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