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Anyone familiar with Mr. Mustang?

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I found an OEM underdash wire harness that's from Mr. Mustang?? Anyone ever heard?
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Yeah, Mr. Mustang is here in my backyard. For an OEM type underdash harness you have mainly 3 choices

1. Alloy Metal Products ( concourse quality)

2. Y and Z Yesterday's Parts

3. Mr Mustang ( low end quality)

I bought a Mr. Mustang for my 68. I had to fix the turn signal switch feed circuit (wired incorrectly), the ignition circuit (two wires swapped at firewall connector), and 2 wires pulled from their pins at the connector for the instrument cluster). After tracing the problems and corrected it, it worked fine. But I should not have had to do this. Not to mention its more difficult to work on issues like this once you/ve installed the harness.
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Be sure and read through this thread from last week. I don't know if the OP ever did solve his problem with incorrect wire colors.
WOW!! Thanks for the heads up on that Mr. Mustang. Now THAT really turns me away from them. There's a good deal on that harness on ebay from Mr. Mustang, but just the slight negative feedback on things like that, I'll definitely won't get it. Might stick to Alloy Metal.
Dave, Is there a reason you need a new underdash harness ? I'm asking only because if you dont have an existing harness, I can understand, but if you do have your harness and its need of repair or refurbishment, try Randy at "Midlife Harness restorations. He repairs, converts, and refurbishes all classic mustang harnesses, replaces damaged, brittle or broken wires, etc. including connectors.

His prices are less than 1/2 of what you would pay for a new OEM type harness.

Welcome to Midlife Harness Restorations
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I had no clue about him. Only knew about AAR, Mr. Mustang, Painless, and Alloy Metal. I'll check him out because I look at the price if the harnesses and I swear I'm going to have a heart attack.
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