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Anyone for a 2.8 v6

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HEY Mustang II people,

I recently went to a 302 and have my 2.8 v6 sitting on the garage floor...any takers? It was rebuilt 5 yrs ago and has a approx 15,000 miles on her...drivin" once in awhile...Just seeing if anyone is interested HA HA HA....

Atco, NJ
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Nah, thanks, I don't want it. just traded my V-6 in for a 302 as well. (the salvage yard countedf it as a "core"... well, so much for the salvage yard.

A V-6 in a Cobra? Its just not right!

Looking for that. But live in oklahoma. How much you asking
Looking for a Automatic overdrive to fit my 74 2.8 V6. Any suggestions
I sure could use a bellhousing and flywheel for a 2.8 L four speed car, if you're interested in parting it out.


V6 is gone Sorry

Sorry all the V6 is gone---I gave it to a freind to put it in his bronco.

Yo Steve
That's not a bad little motor actually. I have one in my 76' Stallion that didn't give up the ghost til around 250,000 miles!
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