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Anyone from southern Ontario?

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i'm looking for a group or people to join my group in Brantford, anyone from kitchener,cambridge,hamilton, simcoe or anywhere that enjoy fords of any kind EVEN MERKURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let me know.
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i'm from ontario but a little more north then yourself. I'm from ottawa. I just got my mustang after 3 years of trying to save money for it but I can't compain to much. I went to Europe for 9 weeks backpacking and would do it all over again. What do you have done on your mustang?

I have an 89 hatchback black mustang GT:
- headers
- flowmaters (off road) exhaust
- 3.73 gear
- pulleys
- tachmeter (nice to have when racing)
- 5 star pony rims (245 R17)

I'm thinking about changing the throttle Body and change the the clutch cable. The next big thing if going to be either twin turbo's or full suspention work, front and back. Still thinking about it but that's still two year away. I need to finish school first.
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Guelph / Brantford

My Son and I have an '05 Mustang.

I live in Guelph, he is in Brantford.

We just got back from the Woodward cruise in Detroit.

What kind of club have you set up?

brantford area

i haven't set up a group yet, i was talking to a guy from paris that had a couple members and started brant county mustangs but i dunno what has become of it i think he's too busy
so i figure if i get a bunch of stang owners together for coffee and see what the owners want to do in the group and go from there. i figure it's a great way to find parts and learn tricks to perfecting these ponys. so spread the word and we'll try to make a date before it gets cold out.

1990 ford mustang hatch back
2.3 l conversion to 5.0h.o. from 88 lincoln lsc
mac mufflers
accel cap and rotor
bosch platnum plus 4 plugs
cobra wing
xenon body kit
t-5 coversion
ford racing double hook quadrant
topside adjuster
new headlight assy.'s
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Name the place and time for a meet and greet

My son and I will come out when you set up a meet. There are also a few others from Guelph who could come down as well.
If you guys do get something off the ground, we at AFM could probably setup a special section or something for you guys if interested. Just let me know if you are interested and we can discuss in more detail.

Anyways, good luck with your meet.
Thanks Scott

Sounds like a good plan if some of the people Turbo and I know get together and start hooking up to do things.

hey thats the best thing i heard all month, i work at partsource in brantford. im only here for another week and im going to a garage on the other side of town. call me or stop in. my personal e-mail is [email protected]
Sounds like you guys already have the ball rolling. Keep us posted as to how things progress. Good chance I will be up in your neck of the woods very soon. Would love to hook up with you guys as well.

i figure i might set up a meeting in 2 weeks on the sunday. so if you can get ahold of me we can do it up. i'll run flyers around town and stuff. e- mail me.
Hey Turbo

Lets post a new thread when the date and time for the Brantford meet is settled!

Some of the Oakville/Toronto gang might want to come out.

Cheers Paul
GoGreen said:
Lets post a new thread when the date and time for the Brantford meet is settled!

Some of the Oakville/Toronto gang might want to come out.

Cheers Paul
someone say Oakville?? :D

just got us (the wife and i) an '05 GT convertible..
we're presently closely associated with a "tuner" club, but now that we have the domestic again we're looking to increase the circle of friends :wavey

we still plan to be strongly connected to our import friends (she still has her '05 civic) but we always welcome another reason to drive and show :D
I'm from the London area. I would be interested in some kind of mustang club or whatever. Let me know if anything progresses.
a meeting next sunday?

what about next sunday the 23? i have nothing planned it would give us a chance to have the cars out one last time before storage? we can meet at the tim hortons on king george road this time. big parking lot. what do you think gogreen? i got alot of people the want to come as long as there not busy.
day after importfest, sounds good to me!!

a club sounds good as well..
Southern Ontario

I live about 1 hour East of Toronto and Iam looking to buy a 87-93 Mustang 5.0 5 gear LX Sedan NOW. Can any one can help with my search for a car.I just joined this forum today.Thanks Brian
good or reasonable?

well pick up the tri-ad and look in there if there selling them cheap they won't want to spend money on the ad and tri-ad is free, plus dont forget t check the word ad's at the back of the section. also sometimes junkyards get nice cars with blown motors or light damage so you can call them too.
Any new meetings scheduled yet?

i wasn't planning another meet untill next spring , i think everyone is putting away there stangs and the last meeting was a flop cause it rained, only had 4 members come out. if i can get 5 people to say they;ll show up i'll have another one, but as it sits were going to wait. p.s. as a administrator can u see about getting us a forum for canada- southern ontario.....were really not east or west here i sent a message already but now that i have your
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