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Anyone going to World Ford Challenge 9 this year?

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Hey fella's,

Just wanted to see if anyone was going to WFC 9 this year? This will be my 3rd year going. Last year the weather was kinda sh*tty so it wasn't as great as the year before. But, this year they are doing some different marketing and they expect the turnout to be the best EVER.

Just let me know if you are considering going. Me and my buddies would love to hang out, and meet some guys from the website here. We always have a blast sitting on the strip watching the street races!
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I'm working towards being a participant instead of a spectator this year. :eyepoppin
Racing or in the car show? I'll be in the car show again this year...hopfeully this year they will actually tell us when are they are gonna judge, I had to drive my car in the rain last year and didn't get a chance to clean it before they came around to judge. Needless to say I did win sh*t! lol
Both...I hope! :eyepoppin

Not too many trucks with my specs, but my time is limited and the supercharger install is proving to REALLY be a chore as EVERY part needs modified or fabricated. Then need to schedule a dyno tune. Looking at the calender there seems to be lots of time, but only time will tell!

My paint is almost 8 years old and looks really good from a few feet away, but has some flaws due to a few chips. However after doing a few local shows I can say my Ranger has better paint than 99% of the cars....and I don't do rain. :cool:

I am only 30 miles from St. Louis International Raceway and I've put in that week for vacation, but it's also my 29th wedding anniversary so I'll need to ask the BOSS! :dunce:

I'm gonna be there a couple days regardless, and all the AFM Members need to hook up and have some fun! :)
Well I wish you luck. And I second that, I would like to put some faces with the names of you guys on here. Maybe we can go show some of them cars running around down there how we do it in a 5.0! ha ha ha I should have my spray on by then, and hopfeully some drag radials too soo I should be good to go I think.
Glad to see some of you are going. I'm driving out from Denver and will be in the show and shine. I'll be heading out on the 17th and working for a couple of days. Will be at the track on Saturday and Sunday. I'm up for getting together for a beer.
Sounds good to me bud. We decided this year to just go fri, sat, and sun, but skip that thurs this year. Where are ya staying at? We stay at the Drury Inn every year in Collinsville....
Will be headding out friday afternoon.will be in the show-n-shine sat and sunday.
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