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anyone like a certin shift knob

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hey, does anyone have a prefrences, or favorite shift knobs?
im getting a MGW short throw shifter. and i need to get a knob. so let me know
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i like the round hurst/roush knob myself
I HATE my Bullitt knob with a passion, it's too small and it gets so hot in the summer you can't grab it, so mark that off the list. A buddy of mine has the MGW knob in his cobra, and it's awesome. I just ordered the MRT custom Bullitt knob for mine, they have a ton to choose from, maybe check them out.
I like the look of the steeda pistol grip but its hard on your hands. So I suggest something that is round.
t handles rock! ill never use anything else.
Personally my favorite is the momo anatomic... its a nice leather one with a real comfortable shape to it, and it doesn't get too hot. It's not cheap though.
ok, thanks. im still looking so if anymore people have suggestions. that would be much appreciated. i mite go with the mgw knob, cause im getting the mgw short throw.
MRT has a decent selection......
05-09 Mustang knob
i thnk the mgw composite knobs are pretty good. Keep the factory look but have a better feel than leather.
i got the roush shift knob from AM i like it.
Stock leather 03-04 Cobra shift knob I used on my 04 Cobra T56 swap. :bigthumbsup
i have the MGW composite knob on my MGW and i like it.. the finger grove on the bottom lets you shift with one finger when you are crusing but then make sure you wont slip off the knob when you are slammin em down!!!
yeah. the 03 10th anniversary carbon fiber look shift knobs are nice. u can get a combo with the boot too. w.e u like sir..The T handles are nice for manuals too
i like my ford racing one the leather is so comfortable
I have a dojo shifter knob and i love it its excellent for slamming them down. Yeah dont get me wrong it is a tuner knob but its a good one!
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