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Are 2005+ Mustang GT's ok for Canadian winters?

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Hey Everybody

I was thinking about getting an '06 'Stang GT. I plan to get winter tires but want to know how the traction is like. It'll be my daily driver so I want to know if it can handle our winter.

Also, any reliability issues so far? Any help is appreciated. Tks

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well, i've driven mine around the last few days w/o any problems..
little bit of slippage on take-offs in the deeper stuff (like Thursday night) but if you go easy on the gas all is cool..worst case scenario is ya take off in second

oh, and i'm still on the original pirellis :)

looking at getting a set of Blizzaks, i'll let ya know what kinda price i can score..
^^^yeah let me know how much u paid for them blizzaks cause I was thinking of getting the same. Tks
Unfortunately mine is parked for the winter. Drive carefully guys, last weekend I was in 2 inches of snow, and I was all having a hard time keeping her straight out of 1st gear.
I'm thinking of getting one and driving it year round as well.

Has anybody else had any experience driving an '05-up GT in the winter?
Unless you live in a town where the roads are plowed real good when you have to drive, I'd sure would not do it and I'm down here in the States, Wisconsin. I'm out it the country but even on plowed streets, better have some good snow tires, not all season ones, and some weight in the back.
i've driven 2 winters now and all i can suggest is getting a set of decent snow tires
we had a few good hits this last year and not once did i get stuck

things tend to get a little worse out east i hear tho....
Check Costco for Michelin X-Ice tires, won't get a better price and they are as good if not better than the Blizzaks. This will be my first winter back with a RWD car. I once drove a 79 Camaro with bias ply tires so this has got to be better with the tires and traction control!!
4 Hankook Ice Bears on mine. Fantastic on the ice and hardpack stuff. Tread isn't aggressive enough to ace the really deep snow, but still pretty good. No hesitation driving in the winter on these at all.
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