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Are all big blocks created equal?

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I got into a debate with a friend of mines yesterday as he called me from the track. The debate was that he claims that if he put a 9000 rpm :happyhapp chip in the car it will help him out in the big end of the track. He ran out at 8000!

Here's some of his specs. Chevy 454 with some good parts (close to 16 to 1 compression). Has a powerglide trans, 4.88 gear, 9 x 29 (?)slicks, he has a low profile manifold w/ a 1150 dom carb. I tell him the manifold has to go, it is a restriction for him. He says no it's fine.

His best results that I know of which was just yesterday was a 10.70 @ 120 something MPH. His 60' was only a 1.5. He's says running 10psi in the slicks before burnout. Nothing major to his suspension besides the 12 bolt, race springs and shocks.

My thing to him is that the motor should not have to work that hard for the results he's getting. I'm saying that he should go down in gear to help compensate for that and he's insisting that no just put a bigger chip in.

He doesn't have a 25-30 grand motor built so the parts are not there to run those RPM's. Good motor but not THAT good!

Any comments on this?:headscratch:
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Heads and Cam? I would think the cam would be the determining factor in the combo then maybe the heads. It would take a monster set of heads to feed a beast like that.

I suggest running some what if scenerios in a computer simulation like engine analyzer before going much further with the combo.

If this guy does have the heads and cam that could breathe and not float up to 9000, then surely 1050 is WAY too small. He would need about TWICE that.
High compression is OK, but based on the trials I did with Engine Analyzer, it didn't pay off as much as a good set of heads, a good cam and a free breathing manifold with a BIG carb.

I think I can believe the tunnel ram helped alot, the wave reflection effect would be significant on a race engine like this.

Of note one quick way to determine if carb is too small or big is to see what the vacuum is at Wide Open Throttle (WOT). If it is bigger than 1.5Hg then too small.
I don't know the specs on the cam but I can say that this motor snarls really tough! Close to 16 to 1 compression, I'm sure he has adaquate heads just not a good selection on the manifold. He claims that when the motor had a tunnel ram on it from the previous owner it ran 8's. I asked then why not go back to that set up?:headscratch: I can't believe that a manifold could change things that much. I know there is the equasion of the vehicle weights.
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