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Are SLP LMs louder than stock?

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R slp's on a stock GT louder then stock exhaust?????????:eyebulge: aND WHAT KIND OF LOUDER?? Deep louder or high tone louder?? Cause lately ive been seeing videos of peeps with slp's but all of them either have intake...or predator, or tuners. YA know what i mean. I just want to no if a GT BONESTOCK with slp's is louder than stock GT exhaust! thankYOU!!! o and i ordered from long does it take to come to u??
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SLP's completely replace the stock muffler. In other words - these are straight pipes. The only baffling you get are from the cats. Stock cars sound the same as tuned cars at the back end. Kind of like a nice ski/drag boat at idle but like a car with a busted muffler under load.
anybody else??:eyebulge:
They are the loudest choice available.
a little louder at idle, but they bark when you drop the hammer.
thanx everyone! hahah cant wait till they come in!:laughlitt
I've had the Loudmouths for about 3 weeks. Yes they're louder than stock at idle.
From 1500 RPM and up they kind of sound like......WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SOOOoo i take it as they r louder than stock overall?:eyebulge: lol
stock w/SLPs

you'll love 'em, do yerself a favor and let a muffler shop swap 'em out
listen to this...
c what im noticing is sometimes they seem to be alittle high in it just me or do they have a low deep tone?:?:
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