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Are steering stops needed on a 1966 Mustang?

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It seems I've seen several pictures of restomod cars without the stock steering stops (bolted on strut rod ends) installed. Are they really needed?
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Hello. :) The short version of the answer would be 'Yes, they are.' :) There are several things that could happen under the right circumstances as a result of the steering stops not being there, all of which are quite ugly, and the circumstances occur routinely. One thing that you will notice is that, just because somebody did something to their car, that does not guarantee that it was a good idea. :D
Hi again. :) With the stock steering gear box, it is possible to turn the wheels too far, which can result in problems like throwing the car into a spin, having the car go into a forward skid with the front wheels sliding sideways, busting a ball joint, snapping a spindle, etc... There are very good reasons why manufacterers don't build cars with front wheels that travel anywhere close to a full 180 degrees from lock to lock.If Borgeson said that they have built the steering stops into the box, they would know, since they are the ones that built it. :gringreen But, something has to be in the system somewhere to limit the travel allowed by the steering. :)
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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