Ford has finally brought the Mustang to Australia. But based on these photos, they didn't bring the car down under quickly enough. Because poor unfortunate Mustangless owner had to make their own.

Dodge turned the Challenger from coupe to four-door, so why not do the opposite to a Ford. That's exactly what's happened to this poor Falcon. It's been transformed from humble four-door Falcon to replica (sort-of) four-door Mustang GT500.

Up front, everything looks right. Though it seems odd seeing that wide scoop jutting out under that narrowing Falcon greenhouse. The side view still looks ok, though again the hood is far too high for the side of the car. Out back things are a little strange. The taillights seem too narrow for the car's rear and the trunklid to bumper transition doesn't quite work.

When we stumbled across this one on , it didn't come with much information. But then we found an eBay listing for the car.

Underneath, this one is a 2003 Falcon, a BA Falcon. It's packing that car's 4.0L inline six, and this one's been converted to run on propane. And you had best believe it's an automatic. So it has the looks, but not likely the performance of either the hotter Falcons or that Mustang GT.

You're not going to see another one, but depending on how you feel about it you might be ok with that. Either way, it sold last month for $10,700 dollarydoos, which might just be a bargain.

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