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SRQ05GT said:
Im finaly getting around to upgrading the sound system. what size are the rear deck speakers. They look like 6x9 but most of the web info say 5x7 (6x8) ?? and are the subs on the Shaker 500 in the doors 8s? Are they upgradable??? (proper ohms?) any suggestions on how to get them out of the door. I pulled of the outside ring and removed the 8 or so screws but it still didnt want to release. I plan to do the work myself so any advise would be appreciated....

2005 GT Primium
Black on Black
Rear 285-35ZR19 / 19x9.5
Front 245-40ZR19 / 19x8
Roush Spoiler
BMR Strut Brace
All the speakers are easy to replace with the exception of the 8" subs in the doors. Check the link below on how to rempve the door trim.
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