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Australians were likely dismayed to hear that Ford had no plans of importing the GT500 to the market, but just because Ford won’t doesn’t mean no one will.

Mustang Motorsport, a mod-shop from Victoria says it will import the GT500 and convert it to right-hand-drive if new legislation allowing the importation and resale of imported variants of vehicles sold in the market passes.

That’s a lot of ifs, but the shop tells Cars Guide that if everything goes well , it wants to start importing GT500s in December. Unfortunately, it won’t be cheap.

Aussie Mustang fans will have to be extremely well-heeled to afford the most powerful factory Mustang ever. Mustang Motorsport tells Cars Guide that it expects the cars will cost somewhere between $300,000 and $450,000. How many the shop imports will depend on how many orders it takes.

Mustang Motorsport has said that the GT500 was too thoroughly reengineered to simply reproduce, hence the enormous effort of importing the car. If, however, you want something with similar power, right-hand-drive, and a manual instead of the GT500’s dual-clutch, Ford Performance has you covered with the R-Spec, which we covered last week.
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