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Autolite HT0 plugs...wires?

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I just order my AUTOLITE HT0 plugs and was wondering if I should also replace the factory wire? If it does not make any difference, I won't bother. And if anyone out there can recommend a good set of wires, I would like to here that too.

Thanks all :worship
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uh.....are there plug wires to replace?
no plug wires in the traditional sense......just eight coils!!!!
COP Ignition = No Wires
Why are you replacing the plugs?
WillCarson said:
Why are you replacing the plugs?
When you run any kind of power adder, you should switch to a colder plug. Anyone using N20 at 100 or above should be using a colder plug.
Well thats me showing everyone how new I am to all of this :drool: But I appreciate the input.
I got the C&L intake with the Brenspeed 93 tune. Is that too mild to drop a heat range?

with no power adder no need to go colder on the plugs
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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