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Automatic ecu in standard

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I did an auto to manual swap on my car and the standard ecu didnt allow the car to start. So i swapped the ecu back to the automatic and it started right up. I didnt try to drive the car i just started it and turned it back off to see if it would start. My question is if i tried to drive my now standard car with the automatic ecu what would happen? Would it harm my car? Would anything blow up? Would it even drive? I just want to drive it out if the garage right now and to the lawn to wash it since the snow is finally gone and im going to get the chip reflashed in a couple of weeks but i just want to drive it a little bit.
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I'm almost positive it's safe to drive it across the yard.
Did you use a factory manual trans harness? I think the pins may be the same and the auto neutral safety switch circuit may be jumpered in the manual harness.

It should be fine to drive. The idle speed and possibly timing should be the only differences. Some time ago reading of several people who swapped on 94 & 95 who used the auto EEC, they said there was some sort of stutter when the car thought it was going to be going into overdrive.
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