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Automatic transmission problems

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I have a 2005 Mustang GT with automatic transmission.
If I e.g. stop for some seconds in a hill and keep it in drive,
the gear seems to go into idle, when I later release the break and
push the gas, the car rolls backwards, if I push more gas it could
happen that it revs up very fast and suddenly goes into gear, and
it takes off with a wheel spin:happyhapp

Similar thing can happen when I am out driving on flat roads as well,
but it is not as obvious.

Similar situation can happen when I reverse, that the gear goes to idle
and I have to put it in neutral and back to reverse go back.

Has anyone seen this problem before? Please help me before I
accidentaly kill someone with the car.

Jens, Sweden
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No problems w/ my auto … so far. That should be looked at pronto though. Good luck.
Oil leakage gear box

Today I left my car for anti rust treatment and they found
an oil leakage on the gear box.
Maybe this causes the problem.
I hope the gearbox has not sustained permanent damage,
I think a lot of oil maight have been lost.
Sounds like a warranty claim to me!
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