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BAMA Problems for 04 V6?

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I ordered some new custom bama tunes a couple months ago because i knew I would be getting my 4.10 gears installed. I installed them the other day and uploaded the tune to find that the speedo was way off.

I figured I ordered them wrong so I got new tunes. I put them in today and went to check the options and noticed that once again the axle ratio was set to stock.

I also noticed that the custom tunes seem to have the exact same thing is the plain strategy tune I can choose from. By the same I mean WOT shift =0, or shift 0-2000 = 0.

I have not been able to fully test the tunes because my gears need to be worn in. But it seems like I am getting copy and pasted basic tunes even though I am asked so many specific questions about my car's upgrades for the order.

I am not in any way an angry customer at all. If I must go in and change the axle ratio my self, then so be it. I just wish our custom tunes for little v6's were a bit more custom.
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When you go to change the options, it shows the default setting. Not what is programmed in the tune.
^This. When you go to load one of our tunes and select "Adjust Options", it will say "Stock" which just means whatever it's set to inside the custom tune. It won't show 4.10 selected, even if it's built into the custom tune. I hope that makes sense? Basically, like what was said in the post before - SCT's options are just defaults and can be completely different from what they're actually set to inside your Bama tune.

If you speedometer is off, simply give the Bama guys a call and let them know. They can go over the rear tire size and gear ratio to make sure that it was inputted into our form correctly and that we tuned correctly for the correct gear ratio and rear tire size. They're available at the hours/number under Bama Direct in my signature. They can probably get it fixed in less than 10 minutes.

Hope this helps!
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I never thought it would be the stock settings. I feel dumb now :p

Thanks for the help.
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