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Bassani Xhaust in car and drive by video!

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here you guys go enjoy, my car is sounding bad ass,

YouTube - Bassani Xhaust on 2011 Mustang GT
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i should get my car back next wek witht he full exhaust. i cant wait
I've been waiting for Bassani, glad to see them finishing up the design.
yeah so far i think this is the best sounding exhaust for the 2011 gt! it keeps the deep rumble!
Sounds a lot better then my Bassani exhaust. I honestly wasn't too impressed by the 05-09 GT Axle back. Its just a tad bit louder then the stock exhaust.

Yours sounds nice though!
Sound's awesome!
What else are you having done to your exhaust ?
long tube headers are gonna be built by bassani next. there gonna prototype them on my car and let me keep them!
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