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Battery Charge Meter

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I started up my car after I got off work today and the Battery Charge Meter was bouncing up and down like crazy, not too sure what this means and if anyone could help what it could mean that would be great...anyone know someone who wants a 93 LX 5.0L, it's in Canada PM me:laughlitt
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possible short or just a bad reg in the alt.
I'm leaning on the short, because it only happens when I turn my system on, and theres for sure a short in that circut because it cuts in and out as of today, do you think that could make it jump like it does maybe?:eyebulge:
Pull your alternator off and take it to an Auto Parts store to have it tested. Its usually free.
Get the alternator tested first. 2 plugs, 2 bolts, and removing the belt is all you have to do.
yeah, I haven't checked anything yet, too busy with work, but it only does it when I turn on my stereo, and the louder I put it the more it does it, but then when I turn my stereo right off, it just stays at a strong 16, I really hope its the stereo, can't really afford to do anything else to the stang at the moment, more interested in selling it too haha:eyepoppin
I'd guess that the alternator is good. It's just that the stock 95 amp(or whatever)alternators are barely sufficient for the car itself. Big amplifiers can draw alot of power. Save up for a bigger alternator, you'll be pleased with the results.
the stock alternators are actually like 74 amp. terrible.

youre alternator might be okay. for now.

the stereo will blow a diode in it, gauranteed. then the alternator will start draining your batter while the car is off, like mine did.

if youre going to have even a simple new cd player in there, you need the new alternator.

check ebay for them, i got a 160 amp alternator with stator plug for 100 bucks new. youll need to change your charging wire and everything, there's plenty of guides on these forums to do it.

trust me, you HAVE to do it. your car will run alot better too.
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