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battery issues 1987 Mustang 5.0

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ok I am going 87 5.0 has been having issues where everytime I go to start t he vehicle it will either slowly turn the engine and not start...or just make clicking sounds!!!

this is my second battery!! the first battery did the same thing....the second battery fixed the problem for about a month and then it started happening again..!

something has got to be draining my battery down!

would only an alarm system do such a thing??? I am really starting to get annoyed with this thing...

I'm pretty certain it's not the alternator because when I jump start the car and charge the battery....the battery will continue to start the car for about 12-15 hours after..!!
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hey man you know its very possible u can have a drain on ur battery if that is the case lol i cant diag it from my computer...and unless theres an aftermarket alarm system i dont think thats ur case either...but i can tell you that i had the same exact problem ur describing and it ended up being my starter because the starter was drawing soo much amperage trying to start the car it would acually kill the battery so u might wanna check that out...u can grab an DVOM that has a amperage hookup and go to start the car and see how much its drawing
starter?? you mean that the starter is requiring too much power in order to start the vehicle...and yes the alarm is aftermarket!
yeah starters can go bad in different my case the starter was requiring soo much power to turn over... it would kill the battery in just a couple attempts
Some other things u might wanna check is the resistance in the power wire goin from the battery down to the starter...if that wire is corroded and has alot of resistance it could cause the same symtoms...but the problem ur having sounds exactly like what happened to me
well I have zero mechanical skills...

I like to try and find the answer for other people and have them do the work :)

tho I would love to start learning with the assistance of someone
have fun with the top bolt. =p
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