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Battery relocation...

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Yesterday a friend and I installed a Taylor battery relocation kit. It took 3-4 hours, but it was well worth it IMO. It started out as I needed a new battery, the stocker was barely turning the car over. So I said screw it and thought it would be benificial for wieght transfer, and a certain cool factor, to trunk mount it. I also didn't want to spend big bucks on an Optima battery so I bought the biggest Wally Mart battery that would fit. Its the type that goes under the rear seat of certain cars. I did hook up the vents and route them to the outside to be safe. Well I'm not sure if it helped me last night at the track but I did pull three 2.0 short times on street tires. I also ran a tenth faster than I ever have before. It was below 50 degrees, but I would still like to think the extra weight in the trunk helped. Here's a few pics of the install, forgive me for the car being a bit dirty.


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At this point I don't want a kill switch mounted on the back. The only racing I've done so far is on street legal fun night so it doesn't even get a tech inspection. The kit I used came with 1 gauge wire. If I have charging issues in the future I plan on swapping the original pullies back on.
No there is enough room to still take the spare in or out without hassle. It comes out about 3 inches from the spare cover, I did have to drop the tank to secure one of the threaded rods though.
David, have you ever ran at a track? If so post times, 1/8 and 1/4 if possible. Next year after my PI headswap I may spray a little too. I'll have to watch it to make sure every thing stays all lined up and doesn't bend.
srsfunk said:
Good though! I glad you posted that as I'm about to do this this winter.
Dollar...Looks great I'm planning to get the same one, I dont carry the spare anymore and I'll have to move my Bottle.

What do you guys think about putting the batter in the spare tire hole?
I think it would be better to mount the battery on the passenger side, you really want the weight over the rear passenger tire. I would put the battery in the same place I did and put the bottle in the tire well.
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