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bbk header tuning?

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i just installed bbk longtube headers with the bbk catted x-pipe on my 2001 mustang gt and heard that i need to tune it to get its full potential. i have the SCT X3 tuner and was wondering what code i need to type in. Also when i rev the motor theres a noise that sounds like ticking when i let off the gas, is that just the sound the header and x-pipe make?
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You will need to get a tune. There is nothing you can just punch into the SCT to make it correct. When revving the engine, the exhaust pipes might be flexing with the engine hitting the frame rails or something. Had the same problem with my 02.

We sale custom tunes to take care of this problem. Check this link out.
Blow-By Racing Mustang Custom Performance Tuning (96-13) at LRS - Free Shipping!

You can also use your forum discount if you end up buying a tune. Let me know if you have any more questions.
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