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Before and After pics (skanky old eng bay v. clean w/ blower)

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Before and after . . lol:drink:


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Very Nice pics... How much HP? you have?
Depends on which dyno you believe . . . it's 240hp and 271 torque at the wheels on a Mustang Dyno . . . add approximately 20% to get dynojet numbers.

Last night it ran 14.24 @ 99.2 mph in the 1/4 . . . and I couldn't get it to hook

Vert weighs in at . . what . . . 3700 pounds (I weigh 230) . . . so the math says??? lol
I was just going to ask what you ran and found this post. 14.24, not too bad, but could be better, obviously. Your 99 mph says you can run somewhere in the mid 13's with much better traction.

What were your 60ft times? Were you heating those DR's up good? Most of the issue is the lack of a sidewall. Get some stock 16's and put a 235/55/16 on it and drop it down to 21psi tire pressure. Anyway...there's lots of little things you can do to get better launches. Remove F swaybar, drop tire pressures, bigger burnout, remove front strut bar, loosen strut nuts (or get some 90/10's). Plus, driving has a lot to do with it too...shift points, etc. Give us more info on your runs, 60ft times, 1/8mile, tire pressures, burnout style, shift points, and see if we can get you into the 13's.
With ported stock heads, ported stock intake and TB, 225/50/16's with 3.55's, and uncorked after o/r H pipe, my dad ran a 13.86 at Famoso. I know that's less power than your blower setup.
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Thanks Chris:

Yep . . . she'll do 13s with a bit of practice. I'm getting a line lock and a shift light this week . .that'll help a lot. I couldn't get the ires hot enough to launch. It was also my first night out with the blower, so I was having trouble getting used to it. Add to that, there was a break-down and a bad wreck the first to sets to go down the track . . and I was in the third set . . lol.

Anyway, I found out I need to get a roll bar before I go back because they'll kick me off the track for running 13s in a vert with no bar . . . so . . . more to do. :eyepoppin
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