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Description: Part # F8V7058-APL

The Auto Kit connects your iPod device to your car's power source and includes an exclusive Belkin cable that charges your iPod from your car's cigarette lighter.
The Auto Kit also provides an adjustable amplifier and 3.5mm audio-out jack that lets you play your iPod through your car stereo or other audio equipment when using a Belkin TuneCast Mobile FM Transmitter or Cassette Adapter. You'll know your Auto Kit is properly connected by its illuminated LED indicator. The unit is also engineered with a replaceable safety fuse to protect from potentially damaging spikes or short circuits.

You can use the Auto Kit with the specially designed Belkin Mobile Cassette Adapter or TuneCast Mobile FM Transmitter (not included) for high-quality audio through your car stereo.

• Controls your iPod device's volume level with adjustable amplifier
• Features a 3.5mm audio output that plays your iPod through your car stereo when used with a Belkin TuneCast FM Transmitter or Cassette Adapter
• Manages excess cord easily with convenient strap
• Locks securely to your iPod with dock connector

Color: WHITE

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