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belt tensioner

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i replaced my serptine belt with new thursday and today the indicator is already reading past the limit line. Is the belt tensioner servicable or do i spend 80 bucks for a new one?

i guess i could always get a shorter belt....but that does not seem like a good idea. anyhow i posted a pic or it and a couple others.


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you can service the original one, HOWEVER its cheaper and easier to by a new 1. if you get a shorter belt you wont have any play room for when the engine torques or lets off the belt, snapped belt or jumping off, not to mention to much stress on the other pulleys. also get a Goodyear Gator back belt not one of these cheap Dayco wannabes. Just my opinion Daycos have always sucked on my cars, any car or truck for that matter.
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thanks a bunch i order both parts now....
If the spring is not sloppy when you take the tensioner off the bracket then just get a 1/2" shorter belt.
Looking at the photos you have posted I see that you have deleted the A/C (or you have never had it). Check that you have installed the correct length serpentine belt.

Have you checked the indicator position when you installed the belt? It is kind of a strange that the belt will stretch out of the indicator range. If that is the case buy better quality belt (I personally use Gates).

You can also check the spring tightness of your belt tensioner with breaker bar and socket, when you slip off the belt. If your tensioner spring is loose, then the indicator will point towards the minimum belt length (will not be able to keep the belt tight).

BTW, your engine bay looks really nice. I got confused from the alternator reflection that you have auxiliary serpentine belt. :shigrin
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