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Best class Ford Engine?

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I was talking to a Ford guy this weekend at a car show and he said next to the 429, his favorite engine of Ford's was a 68' 302. He said it was superior because government regulations hadn't effected it yet.

What would be your top 5 Ford engines of the muscle car era?
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Which might be a favorite engine is debatable but you will find quite a few that disagree with that second sentence. The HiPo engine was eliminated late in '67 probably because of the regs. There were all kinds of mods made in '68 because of federal rules. Smog controls were fitted to all SBF engines for 1968 and not just for the ones going to CA and certain other states. For the standard 2V 289 or 302, 1968 was the worst year ever for compression ratio. Ford claimed 8.7:1 but Mannel measured them to actually be as low as 7.7:1. That was also the year for vacuum retard on the distributor, limiter caps on the carb idle screws, all PCV systems were closed (hoses to the air cleaner), etc. I would say there were more regulatory changes made for the '68 models than any other single year.

Completely agree ^^^^^^ although the 68's were/are nice running cars, by comparison, the early models would just blow the doors off of them without any mods.
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