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Best Exhaust System for 5.0?

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Hey, I was wondering what you guys think is the best exhaust system for a 1993 mustang. Flowmaster? Magnaflow? What system is the loudest/overall best in quality? Let me know. Be specific. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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I love how my exhaust sounds, but I have heard that some 1 chamber flowmasters sounds very nice, and with turndowns sound even better.
Gotta love the sound of two chamber Flowmasters on 'Stangs! Personally my favorite and they flow very well but I have heard that Magnaflows flow a little better... Check out one of the hundreds of magazine comparos on that issue. Go with the Flows!
One chamber's sound pretty good i think personally
Yeah coffee can exhaust sounds like a damn dragster. You know just like a Honda has! Dude you think it sounds funny, try it, you'll see! :doh: LMFAO JK! seriously, I don't want to be kicked off this site!:sterb: Yeah Flowmaster has a great sound in general if you ask me. But my neighbor has his 5.0 with long headers and MacPro dumps on his, OMG you can hear it a mile away clearly at night!:drink:
If your lookin for a good sweet hollow sound go with an H Pipe and sum Flowmasters straight out tha back!:laughlitt
I personally love Flowmaster. I have the Flowmaster American Thunder mufflers with a BBK off-road H pipe (no cats) and BBK shorty headers and my car is very loud, it resonates in the car pretty bad also. I get tons of compliments on the sound and it is very intimidating to others that have modded cars. I have not raced anyone i my car and according to a couple guys at my local parts store, I have the fastest car in town. So It must be the exhaust. I LOVE IT!!
Original Flowmaster 40's ont he 5.0 is unbeatable for the price,sound,and respect. BUt you have to have a hpipe and header to deliver 5.0 the rumble out of any exhaust, if your worried about emissions or something there is a h-pipe or maybe a x-pipe with high flow cats on it made by mac i think, i would consider some, UNequeal length headers,h-pipe,original 40's, and be done with it(that sounds so mean and thats at least 5-10hp maybe even 10+ if you pray....
yeah, u need to go with the no cats and the flows....good luck on ur back wen u get whatever and tell how it sounds!
my MAC muffler with Offroad X-pipe runnning straight out the back and shorty headers sounds mean and loud on my 5.0. I recommend that combo but there are a lot of great exhaust set-ups out there. But these guys are right for the money you can't beat the Flows.
BBK headers, MAC o/R h pipe, MAC catback with DUMPS. Sound loud and is a nice rumble sound.

Do not get me wrong. i like the way Flowmasters sound AT IDLE. But at wot to me they are annoying.

I plan on changing my exhaust over to either MAGNAFLOW or BORLA mufflers. But I willnot lose the TURNDOWNS/DUMPS setup. Gives it even a nicer/deeper sound.

WhenI had tailpipes it sounded nice as well. But did not have the headers on at that time.
Im running an O/R X-pipe and American Thunder 2 chambers. Its a different sound. Its a little raspy compared to the H - pipe, Flowmaster combination.
Check this out , it has a couple sound clips on page 3/4 and on page 5 is a muffler comparison with hp/tq and db ratings as well.
Anybody got Borla sound clips?
ya im with the rest of 'em... flowmasters and mac off road x or h-pipe. i had the flowmaster force 2's with the stock h-pipe with cats on and it was a good tone under about half throttle acceleration but after i put the x-pipe on its made it a hell of alot louder with a more crisper tone, and sounds great at wot too. i still have stock headers though so i dont know what tone differences they have.
-MusTang_LuVer- said:
If your lookin for a good sweet hollow sound go with an H Pipe and sum Flowmasters straight out tha back!:laughlitt
H-PIPES are no good go with some X-pipes they give you more horse power and better sound i have flowmaster's with the X-pipes it sound's BUEATIFUL
The best ways

Actually any muffler your gonna get the sound of the muffler not your engine. So one way to go if your emissions concious get an h or x-pipe witch every sounds better to you with 4- cats 2 for noX and 2 for coX or whatever it is and dont use mufflers its great flow and you get the sound of your 5.0. Otherwise powerwise no cats and a 1 or 2 chambered flowmaster is the best way. but bottom line is you need some kind of back pressure on the street so you might have to do 2 or 3 chambers.
i live in texas so idk if i have to have cats or not

but ya i heard that haveing the xpipe is better then the hpipe is it true or is the h better
yeah, u need to go with the no cats and the flows....good luck on ur back wen u get whatever and tell how it sounds!
Im wondering that ^^^ too.

this car has the sound I like!

YouTube - 93 5.0 LX, BBK shorties, Prochamber, Spintech Prostreets

Can I achieve something like this without any engine upgrades??:scratchchin
Flowmaster original 40s is what I run, with mac o/r H and JBA shorties, loud like mad! Sounds wicked. A DEFINITE head turner, always getting comliments.

5.0 + Flowmaster = You can't go wrong :bigthumbsup
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