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Best products for interior pieces

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Just looking for some opinions on cleaning and dressing the dash, door panels, console, manual shift boot? What products do you use to clean and then get a nice deep black shine without being greasy or oily. Also I hate cleaning my windows because they always turn out looking streaky and bad. What do you guys use and any techniques for cleaning in and out windows.

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I use Adams Products for my car. The stuff for the interior is call VRT, Works really well.
I was just about to start a thread on this product...Auto Glym Vinyl and Rubber care.

Without a doubt it is one of the best products out there. Certainly one of the only products (that I've ever used) that lets you control the amount of "Sheen" on the surface.

For instance. I like the dash to be somewhat matte. Spray it on but immediately wipe the product off. Clean and protected, BUT with a very low sheen.

Leather seats....spray on and let dry for a few minutes! Wipe off and you get a very HIGH sheen (without the seats being slippery or oily).

For Glass...try "Invisible Glass" by Stoner. The best, I've ever used!!!
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There is a sticky just above your thread it cavers everything you need to know about what ever you want to clean or wax.
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